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Caidin takes his guitar lesson after school and yesterday, I got there early so that I could attend a meeting about an event I’m chairing for the school.

After the meeting, I was sitting in the common area, flipping through emails and taking advantage of the few minutes I had to catch up on things before Caidin’s lesson ended.

The weather yesterday was particularly bad. We had high winds and heavy rains and all day long the weather reports had switched back and forth from Tornado warnings, to watches, to warnings. As I sat there focused on my phone, I didn’t notice the shift in light, but I did hear the shift in sound. I looked up and the power had gone out in the school and the generator had come on.

Soon after, Caidin and his guitar teacher emerged from his lesson room. Caidin ran over and gave me a hug while his teacher and a few other school staff members discussed who should be called.

I could tell by Caidin’s energy and how he was talking that he was nervous.

I reassured him and sent him back to finish he lesson in the hallway with his teacher.

This morning I was thinking about his reaction to the lights going out. I’ve seen it before when the lights go out at our house, or even threaten to go out. I decided to ask him what he experiences.

I said ‘Caidin when the lights went out yesterday, what were you feeling?’ He said, ‘I was afraid.’ ‘Why, I asked?’ He went on to explain to me that he gets afraid of the dark because he sees figures walking around. Not surprising. I often saw figures when I was little too. If he follows suit, he will start to know future events in about a year or two, as that’s when my precognition kicked in.

As he talked about being afraid, I was reminded of a great book I read once. Unfortunately I can’t remember the author. I dug through all my books this morning and couldn’t find it either. In any event, it was written by a chiropractor who was talking about emotions and how every emotion always has the ‘other side’. So the other side of anger might be joy, or the other side of sadness might be happiness. After reading this book, I started using this idea with Caidin. He was really young, I think two years old or so and just starting to connect his words to things. Instead of telling him what the other side of something he was feeling was, I’d ask him, ‘what’s the other side of what you are feeling?’ He would tell me and it was always interesting and usually different each time I asked. If he was frustrated, the other side might be ‘quiet’ or ‘free’ or if he was mad the other side might be ‘sorry’ or ‘breathe’.

But in the opportunity to consider that there was an ‘other side’ to what he was feeling, that he didn’t have to sit where he was, it was liberating and life changing for him. It gave him the power to shift, in as much time as it took him to think about what the other side might be, what he was experiencing.

When Caidin said he felt afraid, I asked him ‘what’s the other side of fear?’ and he said ‘strength’. I could see his energy shift as we talked. He went on to talk about what ‘strength’ looks like to him and how it shows up when puts himself in a fearful position and shifts to strength.

All and all it was a good conversation and a good reminder to myself that I don’t have sit in an emotional experience, I can always look for ‘the other side’.


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