Friday Wisdom is shared from Christine Agro’s Conscious Living Wisdom Cards (Special Moms’ Edition) Each Deck has 42 cards and a booklet that offer insight and guidance for parenting consciously.

Insight Card #14 in The Conscious Living Wisdom Cards (Special Moms’ Edition)

Today I drew the INSIGHT Card.

I love this card. In the ‘For Your Child’ text below you’ll see why. I believe that our kids can have the best and most clear insight. It’s free from prejudice and programming and it often comes from a place of true inner knowing or connection to  the higher senses. With Caidin there have been many of these moments. He will say something that is so crystal clear and so poignant it can take my breath away.

One time, I was working with some Hollywood Producers on putting together a show around my work with women during pre-conception, pregnancy and the first year of motherhood. As I moved forward with the process I found a tremendous amount of nonsensical fear coming up that was so intense it made me cry. I spent several days crying uncontrollably.  I tried to manage it the best I could, especially when I was around Caidin, but one day as we were walking to the subway, he took my hand and he said ‘Don’t worry Mommy. Everyone is going to be really happy to see you.’  He was four.  Eventually I walked away from the project because we weren’t on the same page. Hopefully though, the opportunity will come back around with a producer who is more in alignment with me and my work.

In any event, Caidin’s out-of-the-blue clarity was inspiring. Whether you just keep your ears open for these amazing pieces of insight, or you decidedly sit down to find out what your child knows, thinks and sees about the world and about life; our children can have the most wonderful insight.

For You

Insight is a unique perspective that arrives through a spark of light.  Well, maybe not literally, but that’s what insight feels like when it hits.  If you’ve been trying to understand a certain situation or find answers to a perplexing question, sometimes the desire to know stands in the way of that flash of light.  An artist who is looking for the answer to something in his art work might take on something else while keeping the piece in question in his peripheral vision until insight offers a solution.  If you aren’t so sure how to go about moving a question into your preverbal peripheral vision and allowing your insight to spark, one easy way is to ask yourself a question and then open a book to a random page and see what the passage you turn to has to offer. Insight can also come through dreams, while you’re in the shower (interestingly, water acts as a clarifying connector and often removes blocks to the answers we seek.) or during a chat with a friend.  This card reminds you to give your insight room to ignite. Being too close to a situation or turning a problem over and over in your mind may be getting in the way of an insightful solution.

For Your Child

If you’ve been looking for insight, this card suggests that your child may have a piece of your puzzle. Children are incredibly and magically insightful.  They see the world with purity and a clarity that adults tend to lose over time.  Take some time each day to find out what your child sees, knows and believes about the world and about life.    Recognize and honor the power of your child’s insight.   The Insight card may also have come up because you would benefit from looking at your child differently and require a new insight into who he is.  Are you seeing him at his present age or in past time?  Growth and changes happen rapidly for children. Spend some time to find out who he is in this moment.  Stay in the moment with who he is, what he is capable of and what he requires from you.

Insight Card #14 in The Conscious Living Wisdom Cards (Special Moms’ Edition), Illustrated by Samantha Bachechi, Creative Medium LTD (C) 2010-2012 Conscious Living Unlimited LLC

**A note about The Conscious Living Guide Wisdom Cards (Special Moms’ Edition): There are 42 cards in the deck and a guide book. The guide book includes insight for you which is meant to help you live life more consciously as well as insight for your child, which is meant to help support you in your Conscious Parenting.

*Additionally, to avoid the awkwardness of saying he/she all the time, I have picked one gender to identify in each card.

© 2012 Christine Agro

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