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Today is Day 7 of my 31 Days of Self-Love posts to celebrate Self-Love Month with suggestions for jump-starting your own self-love and joining The Self-Love Movement™.

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I recently had a client, Sara, who wanted to switch careers but was told she was too old; that it was too late for her to really reinvent herself at forty-three. And she believed it. She didn’t want to spend the rest of her years earning a living running errands for her boss in an office. She was bored and wanted to do something that would allow her to travel, which was her passion.

Sara was desolate that she was too old to change careers. She was putting feelers out for other jobs but believed she wouldn’t get the ones she really wanted because of her age. Limiting what you can do keeps your vibration for doing what you’d truly like low. In that case YOU are the block to getting what you want. People limit themselves by believing a factor will keep them from reaching their goal. Some common ones are:

•    “I’m too old to try that.”
•    “Everyone says I’m not old enough to expect to get a senior position at work.”
•    “It’s unusual for a woman/man to do that so why bother?”
•    “I don’t think I have enough experience to be considered for that job.”
•    Old messages like, “people like us can only go so far in life.” or “No one in our family has ever made that kind of money so I won’t either.”
•    Etc.

I’ve heard it all and have limited myself too. When I was a DoorMat, I set limits on what kind of man I could go out with. I thought I wasn’t thin enough to get a really good looking one and expected to dste average ones, and that’s who I met. I didn’t feel school prepared me for an interesting career so I remained a teacher, which wasn’t what I wanted to do. And like Sara, when I finally decided I needed to leave DoorMatville and find a satisfying career, I was told it was too late for me.

At first I felt sad and disappointed, but thankfully I loved myself enough to decide not to embrace that belief. If I had, I wouldn’t be writing my sixteenth book! Limits do what the word says, they limit what you’re capable of attracting. It’s YOU telling the Universe that you can’t do or have something, no matter how much you want it. And that keeps you from attracting what you’d love. I told Sara to choose—continue to limit what she believed she could do or let go of those limits and free herself to go after the career she wanted. I suggested she affirm out loud—even scream it:

“I can do anything I choose!” You can!

Two months later Sara got a job as a wealthy entrepreneur’s assistant. One requirement for the job was she was willing to travel with her boss who sometimes went to foreign countries and other parts of the country. The woman hired Sara because she loved her enthusiasm, and because she wanted a more mature person for the job. After getting her vibration high by letting go of limits, Sara happily accepted her dream job.

When you feel no limits, anything is possible! Having limits is self-imposed blocks that keep the Law of Attraction from helping you get what you want. Free yourself by accepting there are no limits unless you put them on yourself.

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