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It seems to be human nature to look for what’s wrong with people, especially those who have qualities you’d love to have. Criticizing others might make you feel better about yourself for a minute but it sends a negative vibe for the Law of Attraction to pick up on.

•    Do you find fault with other people?
•    Do you tend to be critical?
•    Do you tell the person what you find wrong?
•    Do you talk about them and put them down to other people?

If you do any of this it can come back to you in a negative way. People find fault with others for a variety of reasons. Jealousy can motivate you to look for someone’s imperfections and let them what you found, or share it with mutual friends/colleagues and have a laugh about it. Insecurity is a big reason that people find fault with others. It can feel like a relief to know that someone seems to be less perfect than you and can give you a short-lived infusion of feeling better about you.

People with good self-esteem, who love themselves, tend to look for the good in people. When you love yourself, you’re much less likely to look for what’s wrong with someone else. From a Law of Attraction standpoint, if you focus on what’s wrong with someone, it’s hard to attract what’s right. And in the long run, it won’t make you feel better about you. Only self-love can do that! When you look for the good in others, you’ll also find it in yourself and others will find your good too!

The things you criticize in others also tend to reflect things you don’t like about you. Pay attention when you do it. Then think about what it is that YOU need to work on in yourself. Otherwise you’ll keep attracting more of what you don’t want.

Focusing on positive things keeps your vibe positive. Looking for the beauty in people makes you feel good, not mean or hurtful. All the emotions created when you look for things to criticize make your vibration negative. Plus, it’s not nice. Next time you find yourself noticing faults in people, consciously tell yourself to look for the good. That will help YOU attract more good!

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