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Everyone who talks about the Law of Attraction emphasizes about the importance of decreasing your resistance to getting what you want. It sounds simple but can be quite hard if you don’t know where to look for what your resistance is. Much of the resistance stems from incidents or messages from many years ago. Your attitude toward attracting money or good health or a healthy relationship can be picked up from what you saw at home when you were young. It lodges in your head and you may not realize it’s there. That creates resistance—thoughts and beliefs that counter what you say you want.

EFT is the best tool I’ve found to uncover and release resistance so you can attract what you want. EFT practitioner Lillian Moore explained the basics yesterday in her article, Emotional Freedom.

I learned about EFT when over a year ago I met Angela Artemis, who writes the blog, Powered By Intuition. She heard me talking about a health issue that was annoying me and the next day, emailed to see if I’d like her to do EFT with me on the phone. I’d never heard of it but being open-minded, I welcomed her offer. Then I looked it up on the Internet. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It’s also referred to as Tapping, since it involves tapping on a variety of acupuncture points.

A few days later, Angela guided me through an EFT session by phone. I tapped along with her, repeating various things she said. When we finished, I felt better than I had in quite a while. Since then I’ve made a point of learning more about it and have used it in many situations. That’s why I’m doing a full week series about. I believe it’s a valuable tool for everyone because:

•    It’s easy to do.
•    It’s free.
•    You can do it on your own.
•    You can do it anytime you need it.
•    It doesn’t take long.
•    The results can be huge.
•    It can help you release resistance to manifesting what you want so the Law of Attraction can work best for you!

EFT uses tapping with your fingertips on acupuncture point to release resistance that you have to manifesting what you want. Normally, I recommend never using negative words because the Law of Attraction will read them as what you want. With EFT, you can express all your negative emotions while tapping so you can let them go. When you do tapping, bring to mind anything that’s stressing you, making you angry, creating limiting beliefs—basically anything negative you feel—and kind of diffuse it by expressing it while tapping on specific points. You can use either hand on either side. The common ones are—in order:

•    Karate chop point: found on the outside of your hand, the spot you’d use if you were going to give a karate chop, on the pinky side of the hand

•    Eyebrow point: right where the eyebrow begins on the inside

•    Side of the eye point: the little indentation on the side of your eye.

•    Under eye point: in the center on the ridge just under your eye

•    Under nose point: between your nose and upper lip

•    Chin point: the indentation below your lower lip

•    Collarbone point: just under where the rib cage bone ends

•    Under arm point: about 4 inches below your armpit

•    Top of head point: middle of your head–the center of your scalp

Techniques and points used vary. Not everyone uses all the points above and there are others—fingers, the wrist, and more—that also work. When I began I was advised to use several, or all my fingers so I’d get the right spot with at least one, and I do quick tap-tap-taps wit them. You can use either hand on either side or switch off or use both hands on both sides. It doesn’t matter! It’s common to start on the karate chop point and affirm something 3 times. For example, if you want to tap for a better job and am frustrated that you haven’t been able to get one, say your own version of:

•    “Even though I’m unhappy with my job I still deeply love and accept myself”
•    “Even though I hate that I haven’t gotten a new job yet I still deeply love and accept myself”
•    “Even though I’m frustrated and angry at my inability to go after a good job I still deeply love and accept myself.”

Once you’ve done that 3 times, most people begin at the eyebrow point and work their way through the other points, in order, ending with the head. You can express short statements, negative emotions, and anything else you’d like to get off your chest and leave you. For a job you don’t like, you might say, “hate my job,” miserable boss,” “want to love my job but I don’t,” “not enough money,” “bored,” “angry that another job hasn’t come to me,” “unfulfilled,” “need to get out of that place!”

See how you feel once you’ve done a few rounds. Are your emotions a little calmer? I usually do 2 or 3 rounds straight before stopping to express all my feelings. It doesn’t matter what order you say things in or how you say it. Every tap releases a little of the negative emotions. If this is something that you have very strong feelings about it can take multiple times to get rid of it all. But I usually feel better after a few rounds. The more you tap, the more resistance you let go of, making it easier for the Law of Attraction to know what you really want.

At the bottom of this post I have a short video that shows the main points. Do it along with the person to get used to it. Tomorrow and Thursday I’ll have an interview with one of my favorite EFT practitioners, Margaret M. Lynch, who will share more insights into using Tapping to improve your life. And on Friday I’ll write another post to wrap this min-series up and give you more insights about how to use EFT more effectively. Stay tuned!

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