I’m very excited to share a great energy practice with you. It called EFT, which stands for Emotional freedom Technique. It’s also referred to as Tapping because you tap on a variety of points to release the energy causing problems in your life or holding you back from whatever it is you’d like. Because I’ve found EFT to be an exceptionally valuable tool, I’m devoting the whole week to posts about it.

Today I have a guest post by Lillian Moore, EFT Practitioner and Founder of Terrastars.net, explaining the basics of this worthwhile energy practice. When Lillian lived in NY, I went to her Tapping Circle and we did EFT together. I always left feeling so much better. Stay tuned every day for more articles and specific instructions and videos to help you use EFT!

Emotional Freedom

By Lillian Moore

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is the name of a healing modality that is being used round the globe for everything from PTSD to Autism to cancer. I am generally pretty skeptical of “fix alls”. After all, every person is so different not to mention the cause of PTSD is completely different than the cause of Cancer. Or is it?…

EFT works under the principle that all problems are a result of an energy disturbance in the body. You have stage fright, leukemia, addictions, dyslexia, financial problems, you name it, the cause can be found in the bodies energy system. If you think about your energy system like the generator and the operating system of your life, this really starts to make sense. When you are able to produce energy and it is flowing through you without glitches, your intentions/emotions/thoughts transform the energy into actions. Whether the action is producing white blood cells or starting that business it doesn’t matter. When the energy system is blocked, your intentions and your thoughts will be undermined. The messages won’t get through.

So what creates these energy disturbances and how does EFT clear ‘em up? Typically, traumas create energy imbalances. It’s not always trauma in the traditional sense of the word. It isn’t so much about what actually happened in your life but how you experienced it. For one person being stung by a bee is an unimportant event but for someone else it is a trauma that puts a blockage in the way they relate to the natural world. Other times, energy imbalances are learned or inherited. Many people will have the same energy patterns as their parents. Beliefs can also create roadblocks. A deeper intention can override a conscious intention. A common example is with financial difficulties. Your conscious intention is to generate abundance but your underlying belief won’t let the energy move that way.

EFT addresses these energy blockages in two ways. One is by tapping on acupuncture points. These are points on the skin that act like damns that mitigate the flow of energy. When you tap on them they adjust the flow, break through stagnation, and get things moving in the right direction. As we tap we also engage consciously and emotionally. We acknowledge the source of the imbalance and allow any stored emotion to come up and clear. If the source is a trauma, we might tell the story while we tap. If a belief created the problem then we will state that belief as we tap, because it is an imbalance your body knows to corrects it.

Emotions are always a component of any energy disturbance. Culturally we are taught to resist emotions. How many times have you been told, “Don’t cry”. While doing EFT we consciously give ourselves and our emotions love and acceptance. This allows emotions to release and creates a positive feedback loop. As you release emotions, your energy balances and as you balance energetically emotions are released. Hence the name Emotional Freedom Technique.

Even though emotions play a huge role in this method of healing it is not necessarily emotionally painful process. Every negative emotion is met with love and acceptance. People leave feeling peaceful even after addressing the most horrible events in their life. Emotions clear quickly and often times without fully experiencing them. This makes EFT particularly incredible for working with severe trauma victims where there is a concern of retraumaizing during the healing process.

When all of these negative experiences and beliefs are coming up it could be disorienting. Losing old beliefs and identities around how you used to be would leave anyone a little lost. Using affirmations we create new energetic patterns, new beliefs and even new ways of relating to the trauma. EFT goes beyond just healing and actually helps to create energetic flows that support your health, relationships, performance and anything else you are or do.

All of this is just explanation and would mean nothing if it wasn’t proceeded by results. In my 6 years as a practicing EFT practitioner I have seen, diabetes, crones disease, chronic pain, and cancer disappear. I have seen people free themselves from lives tormented by molestation, abuse, tragedies, guilt, insomnia, paranoia, eating disorders, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, insecurities and so many other issues. Best of all it is a technique that you can learn yourself.

Check out Lillian Moore’s site to learn more about what she does. And, check back here every day to learn more about EFT and how you can use it to improve your health and your life.

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