My third post this week related to EFT is an interview with Margaret M. Lynch, a Success Coach, speaker and recognized worldwide as a top EFT/Tapping Expert. On Monday EFT Practitioner Lillian Moore explained the basics of Emotional Freedom Technique. Yesterday my Law of Attraction in Action: Fueling the Law of Attraction with EFT. Today and tomorrow Margaret will share her insight into using the energy technique available to all of you—Tapping.

Margaret is the author of the highly acclaimed tapping book and program, Secret of Intentional Wealth and creator of the “Tapping for Money Boot Camps” and “Tapping Through The Chakras” method. Margaret is passionate about freeing ourselves from the chains of old programming and wounds so each of us can step into our fully empowered selves! Her unique style of Tapping focuses on breaking through blocks around business, success and wealth and connecting more fully with your true self and life purpose.

Her brand new program The 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation, which launches on July 25th, is a unique blend of tapping with the groundbreaking of teachings of the chakras from her partner Rhys Thomas. I found Margaret when I was trying to learn ore about Tapping and her many free videos drew me in. There are many videos that illustrate EFT on YouTube but Margaret’s warm and enthusiastic style captured me, as well as led me to  empower myself more as I followed along with her. Margaret had a lot to say to enlighten us about using Tapping effectively so rather than cut anything out, I’ll have a part 2 tomorrow. Here’s what she had to say:

How did you get into EFT? “I was an engineer and in sales for 10 years in Fortune 500 companies. After seeing Wayne Dyer on public television got a calling to move into this new industry. When I discovered tapping, the engineer in me thought not only does this work but it works in a measurable way. And it works every time. With EFT, you make the connections in the moment and feel, “I can’t believe I feel differently right now. I see it in a whole new light.” To be able to watch somebody transform right before your eyes is an amazing thing.”

How do you work with clients? “Tapping can be done by phone or in groups. That’s when I fell in love. I thought this was the greatest tool ever! It’s been my passion from day one to expose people who would never seek out therapy or anything in that kind of model to Tapping. The best access that I had was applying it to business issues.”

How did you apply Tapping in the business arena? “People who are self-employed and trying a run a business are totally willing to do something that would allow them to see and feel their actual blocks to doubling their income. Most of them would say they don’t need therapy but they are willing to uncover their blocks. That became my in to expose very successful business people to an incredibly powerful tool. I even walked in the door of some companies under the heading of stress management training.

I’ve made it my mission to expose as many people as I can to Tapping. One way I do that is to have very targeted applications, like money, wealth and success. That gets people interested. Within 5 minutes of tapping with someone we can be in childhood trauma. I get the in the door because they want to double their income. It all connects. Incredible amounts of pain can be relieved.”

What did you find working with businesspeople? “I’ve worked with tons of people and built a large practice. The amount of pain that is latent in people is caused by constant worry and fear about their finances. One of the biggest sources of chronic fear that I find in people is money issues, especially people who come from a middle, or upper middle class family, because their parents often came from a paradigm of poverty and may have been openly worrying about making ends meet. That anxiety carries through and can be triggered into anxiety and fear about money, multiple times a day.”

What kind of issues come up? They look at their money and ask what does this mean about me? Then they start to fill in the blanks. ‘I’m not making enough,’ which means I’m disappointing. ‘I’m a failure.’ ‘I’m a loser.’ ‘The world is stacked against me.’ I‘ve come to believe that money is the biggest source of chronic pain and fear.”

Aren’t we taught that we should focus on abundance instead of the money? “I don’t apologize when people ask, ‘Isn’t it wrong to focus on money?’ I don’t have any qualms about the fact that I totally believe that incredible amounts of healing can come by focusing on your money and wealth issues. It all connects together.”

Is there always pain for someone who’s not making a lot of money? “Not really. If you’re one of those people who absolutely want to be a mom and your life work is around supporting people, or you do something else that doesn’t focus on money, for some people, their life purpose is not about carrying the kind of power we associate with wealth. That being said, 99% of the people who are self-employed and seek out success coaching and Tapping for the Law of Attraction fall in the category that for most people, money is part of the power. Money is the exchange medium we use for survival.

When we limit the amount of power we are willing to carry, or when we are living a pattern of survival mode, which means always having fear about things like having to pay the mortgage, there’s some programming in that. It came from some pain. Sometimes we got that from our parents, from seeing them in pain around money. There’s some refusal—’I refuse to carry all my power.’ ‘I refuse to stand up and be totally fabulous.’ It’s a reflection of how willing you are to carry all of your fabulous power.”

How would you briefly describe what EFT is to someone who never heard of it? “It’s a mind/body technique for a mind/body problem. If you wonder if EFT will help you, ask yourself, “Do I ever think about things that make me feel stressed or that makes me feel anxiety?” Or do you feel frozen with fear and feel stuck or just feel uncomfortable? That’s the mind/body connection! Your thoughts trigger you to feel something that is literally the body interpreting your thoughts and releasing the stress response and a physiological response happens in your body.

Tapping turns that off. It breaks the connection. For example, you can’t talk yourself out of a phobia because your mind body/system is triggering based on a perceived fear. Tapping is a mind/body technique. So instead of just talking about it, the stimulation of the acupressure points acts like a circuit breaker. And they switch off the fear or anxiety or anger or whatever response you’re having around whatever it is that’s troubling you.”

Check out Margaret M. Lynch and her programs. And come back tomorrow to learn more about how to use Tapping to manifest your desires.

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