On Monday I talked about how you can turn your life around by just changing a thought. I learned this from Louise L. Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life. This book was my catalyst for reinventing me into the very happy and productive chick I am today. When I told her that I owed the rest of my life to her, she just laughed and said she can’t take credit since she didn’t invent the things she wrote about, just wrote about how the Universe can work for you. I disagree. It was the way she presented the Law of Attraction that resonated with me. I took her tools and ran with them.

My consciousness increased a million-fold as I read the book. Now I monitor my thoughts to make sure I put out only ones that manifest goodies or that won’t attract negatives. Some of you emailed for info about Ms. Hay. So I’m reprinting the interview I did with her.

Louise Hay is a lecturer, metaphysical teacher, and best selling author. She advocates loving yourself, which helps you get more of what you want. Ms. Hay explains how if we’re willing to change our thinking, we can change our lives. I live by this!

The product of an abusive childhood, Ms. Hay left home at 15. At 16 she gave up a baby for adoption. Because of her low self-esteem, at first she attracted abusive men. Ms. Hay survived and turned her life around. After discovering the Church of Religious Science, which as a metaphysical approach to healing that encourages finding mental patterns that can trigger illness, she published a book called, Heal Your Body giving mental reasons for physical illness, with positive thought patterns for healing. The principles of this book are in You Can Heal Your Life. Whenver I have a physical problem, I look in her book to find the metaphysical cause. Then I work to heal that area of my life.

Things were good until she was diagnosed with cancer in the vaginal area.

Ms. Hay decided to use her mental powers to heal. She believed her cancer was caused by strong resentment from childhood sexual abuse. Refusing medical treatment, Ms. Hay instead opted for physical cleansing with the help of a nutritionist, and mental cleansing with the help of a good therapist and her own positive thought patterns. Six months later she was diagnosed as cancer free!

Here are thoughts from a woman who has truly healed her life, and whose books and audio material has helped millions to heal themselves:

What were your first steps towards change? “The people at Church of Religious Science were the very first who told me that if I was willing to change my thinking, I could change my life. It was like a lightening bolt through me.” (Daylle’s note: That happened to me when I read her book!)

How can we use our thoughts as tools? “I believe we create our own lives. And we create it by our thinking, feeling patterns in our belief system. I think we’re all born with this huge canvas in front of us and the paintbrushes and the paint, and we choose what to put on this canvas . . . I wish the children could be taught early on that our thinking creates our experience. “

How can we stop putting off making changes? “It’s like a diet. You have to make a decision that this is the day. You know ‘I will not procrastinate any longer; I will not put it off any longer. Today I will begin to love myself, even if it is only a little bit.’ Like a diet, if you eat one less candy bar or donut a day, you’re doing your body some good.”

How did you find courage to fight cancer? “I already had some tools to work with. Even so I was frightened at the time. But I stuck with what I had learned and worked in a way to holistically heal myself. It took diet, exercise, prayer, affirmations, good therapy. I worked with a therapist who specialized in anger. I beat pillows, screamed and got lots of buried stuff out.”

How can someone begin to work on self-esteem? “I like mirror work (looking in the mirror and saying, “I love you.”) Look at what is keeping you from saying it if you can’t…. Where messages come from…that there’s no truth in them and you can make up messages you want.”

What is guilt? “Beating yourself up for something that didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. Remember, yesterday ended last night. There’s no point in carrying it forward with you.”

Why should we let go of the past? “Because that holds you in yesterday and you can’t live in the past. Learn from the past and let if go. Live in today.”

Why must we learn to forgive ourselves? “Otherwise you punish yourself. Forgiveness is for yourself because it frees you. It lets you out of that prison you put yourself in.”

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