I got a nice response to Monday’s post about monitoring your thoughts to make life more positive. I want to expand on that subject, to give you more consciousness about how to change your thoughts in ways that benefit you.

When YOU take responsibility for your thoughts and how they influence your life, YOU give yourself the power to have more positive experiences.

If someone says you can’t so something, do you automatically assume you can’t? That’s how YOU hold yourself back! In my DoorMat days, everyone but me ruled my thoughts. The media told me I was fat, though I wasn’t. But I felt fat. I was told that I couldn’t have a career in business and became a teacher, which I never wanted. Because I followed the limitations others gave me, I was rarely happy.

As my self-esteem slowly left the toilet, I learned to refute the thoughts that hurt me. Instead of acquiescence, I challenged what others said.

Life got better when I began to manage my thoughts. Limitations melted away as I turned mine around. I went from being an unhappy schoolteacher to reinventing myself into the successful and ecstatically happy woman I am today. While I haven’t lost weight, I no longer see myself as fat. I KNOW I’m a hot, beautiful babe! No one can take that away from me anymore—no one but ME!

If someone calls you a loser, does that make you one?

Only if you CHOOSE to believe it!

If you think “I’m a loser,” you’ll feel like one. If you decide that the person calling you one is the loser, you can laugh and feel like a winner. That’s where your power begins—managing the messages you get from friends, family, the media, and old memories which are often painful reminders of things that knocked your self-esteem out from under you.

Whether you work in a corporation, for yourself, and anywhere in between, you know what a CEO is. He or she is the chief executive—the person who ranks the highest and is in charge of a company. Everything is reported to the CEO, who has the final say. Think about this to create better awareness of how you process thoughts so you can CHOOSE to have better ones.

YOU are CEO of your personal corporation. Your consciousness is the headquarters.

CEOs evaluate the overall picture and make decisions based on what he or she considers are in the company’s best interest. So do you. Every negative thought must get by you before it’s processed. You can convince your personal board of directors (your thoughts and beliefs) to accept input, or veto it. It’s your choice to harness the board and not vote busters into your consciousness. If you allow them to lobby and take control of how you see yourself, prepare for low self-esteem and choices that make you unhappy.

Keep in mind Eleanor Roosevelt’s wise words, “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.” You have the power to beat the busters!

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