With Thanksgiving coming up, I had to join all the other bloggers who are writing about gratitude. I’m always blown away by the extent to which having gratitude attracts more goodies. While it’s good to give thanks on the holiday, you shouldn’t limit it to one day. Holidays are a nice reminder, but don’t save it all up for Thursday! Learn how to manifest more and feel truly good from develop a conscious feeling of gratitude.

Feeling gratitude for what you have attracts more to be grateful for. Gratitude is like fuel for the Law of Attraction!

It’s in all my books. But no matter how strong faith is, it’s easy to forget to be grateful, or to do it by rote, instead of with your heart. I look up many times a day and say thanks for small things that go right–getting somewhere faster than usual, connecting with someone important, a beautiful day, a headache leaving, etc. The more I appreciate, the better life gets. I also say “thank you” in advance of what I want in order to reinforce my expectation. “Thank you for good weather for my party tomorrow.” People ask how I’m able to smile most of the time.

Being consciously grateful for my blessings increases my happiness by a lot. And happiness makes life more beautiful!

Do you consciously appreciate your blessings? You should! Gratitude attracts more blessings. It’s a great mood booster—a reminder of your goodies. Keep a blessings journal. Every night, write down something that you’re grateful for that day. Even if you have to dig and stretch, find some good that came with your day. A record of your blessings keeps you focused on the positive things in your life and may inspire you to attract more goodies!

I recently began a Yahoo! Group called “Conscious Gratitude” and invite you all to join. It’s free and just beginning so I don’t know exactly where it will go. You can choose to get emails as they come in or in groups of 25 in digest form each day. Join me in being more consciously grateful!

Acknowledging blessings brings you more. I’ve created this group to help us all become more conscious of the good in our lives. How will it work?

* Start paying attention to little things that you can be grateful for.
* Send one or more in an email to the group, whenever you find them. Everyone signed up will get it.
* You’ll read everyone else’s. That will trigger more consciousness of things you can show gratitude for that you may not have thought of. Every time an email with blessings arrives, it may trigger your consciousness to pay attention to your own.
* If receiving them becomes too much, you can also participate by just reading the messages online and sending your blessings.
* Sharing yours will increase your consciousness of being grateful for all the blessings you already have. The more you’re grateful for, the more you receive.
* You can also comment on what others say and encourage people that write about one step made toward a bigger goal.
* You can unsubscribe to the group any time you choose.
* Consciousness brings many rewards. This group will help to create more!

Our group is still small but I must say, I read every post and it raises my consciousness and I get ideas of things to be grateful for but don’t think of. And, I’m more conscious of expressing my gratitude.

We’re all in this life together. Bonding through blessings is a wonderful way to stay connected to positive energy. If you’d like to join, subscribe by sending an email to: consciousgratitude-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. In your first message, tell us a little about yourself if you’d like. State one or more of your blessings. And feel free to tell others who might benefit from participating about it.

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