I’ll be away for the long weekend and won’t be posting again till next week. I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving, and the hope that you’ll find LOTS of things to be thankful for!

Why I’m Grateful (just a few of the gassillion things I could list if I had more more time)
My health is terrific!
I earn a living doing what I love.
I have a fabulous sunny, spacious, quiet, rent stabilized apartment in midtown Manhattan.
I still feel 21.
I’m happy with who I am and how I look.
My self-confidence is soaring.
I get up every day smiling.
I have wonderful friends and family.
I’m getting into better shape as I get older.
I’m writing this looking out at beautiful forest and mountains in the Berkshires.

I’m not a DoorMat anymore!!!

Enjoy your holiday dinner and don’t get guilty if you indulge. It takes the pleasure out of an occasional splurge. I’m delighted to share a yummy meal with my family and will enjoy it all guilt free. We have almost as many pies as people! But, I know better than to take too many rich leftovers home with me. Am about to go out for a power walk and some running in the hills surrounding me before I sit down to feast.

I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving that lasts through to next years holiday!

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