Hi and welcome to Lemons to Lemonade!

My name is Amy Jurkowitz and I am the CEO of Milkshake, a daily email featuring great finds that give back (yes, please check it out – www.getmilkshake.com). I am thrilled to be launching Lemons to Lemonade, the sister to Milkshake.

I don’t know about you, but my sister and I are different in many ways (I love to read cook books, she actually loves to cook!) However at our core we have the same values, ethics and outlook on the world. That’s how I see this blog as well. Lemons to Lemonade has its own unique style, but at its core is similar to Milkshake and has the same mission: to share stories of others doing good and encourage people to take notice of all the incredible projects that are positively impacting the world — and realize they have the potential to do the same.

We are not a blog about drinks, cooking or recipes (even though we love to title our businesses with names that make you think so!), but instead a blog that highlights products, people, places, causes and companies that are dedicated to doing good and making a difference.  We’ll feature stories, discoveries, experiences: this might be an eco-friendly product that changes how you live, an inspiring charity that is finding ways to deliver clean water, a profile on an athlete, celebrity, musician or teacher who thought he had lost it all and figured out a way to not only come back, but inspire others, or just an idea that revolves around changing the world and giving back to the community. We feature all that is good, and every story we write passes our simplest test: “does it make you feel good?” Our answer is always yes!

We are thrilled to begin blogging on Belief net through Lemons to Lemonade. We like to see ourselves as curators, shedding light on all the amazing, inspiring, and awesome work going on all over the world today.





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