We have all come to love and appreciate Thinker. Now, a bit more about her:

Thinker here.
I went from nursing to teaching theology….figure.
However, I teach in “Catholic” school so the community and administration are one. Not much in the way of politics, but a lot of great friendships in such an atmosphere. I have several friends in the “New Thought” movement and am always intrigued with their way of thinking God through. But Catholic I am and will remain – sometimes hanging on by my fingernails, but convinced that this way of Tradition, Sacrament and Scripture holds the most possibility of understanding for me. Oddly enough – I also came out of an Evangelical adolescence. As I recall – in my adolescent rebellion – about the only thing I could have done to really piss off my parents was become Catholic – so I did that. God does have a sense of humor.

A priest once told me that God comes to us in the way we can understand God. Those without belief simply have not had God named well to them. They have often been hammered with a belief system where there is only literal dogmatic understanding or where “anything goes” and there is no systematic thinking. Literalism makes God very small and mean indeed ( I have found the God that some literalists espouse is the one who hates what they hate and will have vengeance on those they fear) and “anything goes” simply does not work. I am preparing to join the associate group of a group of nuns. This means I will be connected to them by intention and commitment, but will get to avoid being a nun. For some reason people often mistake me for a sister. I quickly point out the vast differences in holiness and life style. However, I apparently have the right haircut for the job. Most sisters that I know have a much greater sense of style than I do. My kids want me to have a makeover before one of them gets married. My husband, however, thinks I’m adorable just the way I am. Of course the kids think he needs a makeover too.
About 15 years ago I discovered the work of Rene Girard and mimetic theory and have been astounded at its depth, its truth and its vast application to all that I do. Currently writing and teaching about mimetic theory and film. I’ve seen almost every movie anyone can think of and use those films to teach the great story of incarnation and redemption. It seems to work.
Before I was a nurse – I was a social worker and before that – a singer. So, I’ve had a long career or several long careers.
Getting a master’s in theology was the integrating of all for me. Recently completed more graduate work in theology and am pretty sure I never want to go to school again and I know for a fact that I never want to write a paper ever ever again. I hope that is clear.
Been married for a very long time to a wonderful man and have three grown children. Have a badly behaved dog (which means I am a bad dog owner), a lovely cat and when I’m not teaching, reading, blogging, cleaning, cooking, or chatting with friends – I watch movies. ADD has its gifts – multitasking being one of them. I’m in the process of adding lots of walking to my list of daily tasks.
David’s book and friendship have been important to me this past year. It’s hard to find people who “seek” and they do seem to come on board here. David seems to evoke that in most of us.
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