This is a blast. Here is Doug Pascover’s story:

From the ages of 10 months old until 7 years, my family lived on the South side of Chicago so the White Sox were my first religion. I became a Christian at 13 and have never been particularly good at it. I worked as a cowboy, farm-hand and construction-worker until I went to Emory University at the age of 24. While a student and for a few years after I worked at The Carter Center’s Interfaith Health Program. Today I am the Executive Director of an agency that helps adults with developmental disabilities become independent, which sounds virtuous but mostly isn’t. (My employees have virtuous jobs.) I am very involved in the development of State policy towards people with disabilities, mostly as a crank. I raise dogs in lieu of children, marriage being too complicated for me.

I guess, considering your politics and religion focus, I can add that I am a member of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) and a political independent with fairly conservative views on the size and scope of government and no interest in regulating personal behavior. I have a very difficult relationship with large, man-made institutions including both government and the church.
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