Canucklehead sent me his story but given his generally surly attitude I am tempted not to post it. Alas the invitation was for everyone, even… him.

Hi all! I’m Canucklehead (aka Tim).
I’ve spent most of my life in western Canada where I grew up in a fundamentalist Protestant community where we sang songs with really cool theology like “Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam,” “Climb, Climb Up Sunshine Mountain” and “If You’re Saved and You Know It, Rat on a Friend.”

I went to college/university/seminary in Winnipeg/Toronto/Chicago and currently live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in the heart of the Canadian oilpatch. We’re a sister city to Houston and have something like 90,000 “oilpatch” Americans who live here.
I’ve been a Baptist pastor for so long now that I long ago embraced the post-tribulation view of the eschaton, believing that I’ve already been thru the tribulation at least three times. (Hey, that coincides with the number of Baptist churches I’ve pastored!) I have also taught part-time at a number of colleges over the years. The present church I’m in is pursuing a “build” with Habitat for Humanity which I’m quite pleased about as I’m big into social action/justice. I just gave a major presentation to our church on “why ministry in the 21st century cannot be like ministry in the 20th century” and am excited about some initiatives we’re doing related to that.
In other lives, I’ve worked as a journalist for various secular and religious publications and done TV/radio commentary work for various media outlets. I have also served as an editor/advisor/critic to my youngest brother (Phil Callaway) who has published something like 15 books of “Christian” humor with various American publishers such as Multnomah, Harvest House and Bethany.
My current project is finishing the last 2 chapters of a PhD dissertation on growing up fundamentalist during which I’ve been reminded that sports, humor, God’s grace, Joyce (the “love” of my life) and good music (see above, also Eagles/Bob Seger/Peter Cetera/Chicago/Ethel Waters) and books like Dave’s Tempting Faith are responsible for leaving me with some semblance of sanity intact. I just finished reading Frank Schaeffer’s CRAZY FOR GOD which reminded me a lot of my growing up years.
I’ve been a political junkie all my life and really got into American politics during the Jane Byrne/Harold Washington eras as mayors of Chicago.
Joyce and I have three twenty-somethings in various stages of studying law (oldest) and psychology (two youngest) so there’s hope yet that I can be declared legally insane.
I really enjoy the perspectives shared on this site and was greatly moved by Dave’s recent trip to Uganda.
If God should lead you to support my ministry with an ample donation, please feel obliged.

We wouldn’t be the same without you Canucklehead… now, back to my 30-day…

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