Brian Horan has been walking with us for a while now. Here’s a bit about him and the bonus pic too. Thanks Brian.

I am 33 and am changing careers from public school teaching to nursing. The politics of public education were too much to bear, but like a moth to the flame I follow local and national politics.
I grew up in the Evangelical Republican Right. I was soured my first year of my undergraduate in ’92 when Bush the elder made it much more difficult for middle class kids to get financial aid. Plus, I never understood how supply-side economics coincided with the Gospel preference for the poor.

Still, my first year of university I was involved in Campus Crusade. On a mission trip after my freshman year my faith fell apart because I was surrounded by biblical literalists; but I could no longer in good conscience take the Bible literally.
I maintained friendships but dropped the dogma. I still keep in touch with the Campus Crusade director who is a genuinely awesome person.
Since I have investigated Buddhism and New Thought (as espoused by Religious Science, A Course In Miracles, Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, etc.) Eckhart Tolle in particular brought Jesus into a new focus for me.
Even though I may bitterly disagree with you on some issues, I consider you a thoughtful brother in God. I first saw a news item about your book a few years ago and have followed you with avid interest since.


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