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And now… Umbert the Unborn – “the world’s most lovable unborn baby (next to yours!)”

A new thin place… There is nothing quite like getting away to a remote part of the Amazon jungle. Add to that the hunt for our fine finned friend, the peacock bass, and you have an amazing trip on your …Read More

I just had to see what it felt like to type those words – President Hillary Clinton. It doesn’t seem possible that it is a possibility save for one thing – right now it is the most likely of all …Read More

A new poll from Zogby provides interesting insights into our use of and feelings towards, the Internet. The Zogby/463 Internet Attitudes poll found that 24% of Americans said the Internet could serve as a replacement for a significant other. Not …Read More

I missed this yesterday and perhaps everyone has already seen it, but this made my jaw drop for several reasons. First, that scientists were able to put the pieces together to make this conclusion. That is just staggering to me. …Read More

Noted columnist EJ Dionne weighs in on sports and politics and faith and Giuliani. It must be noted here that Mr. Dionne is a passionate member of the Red Sox Nation, deliriously happy at a second World Series title in …Read More

This is funny – a mock wikipedia entry about peanut butter written by jelly. Is there any end to American creativity? My favorite part: By 1904 people everywhere were tainting perfectly delicious Jelly sandwiches by smearing on greasy peanut butter. …Read More

From my friends at Providence Ministries… read on here. It doesn’t look like it on Good Friday, but when Easter finally arrives it will be known that every single loving word and gesture done toward “the least of these” was …Read More

Over at the Evangelical Outpost, Joe Carter confronts the David Kirkpatrick article on the ‘evangelical crackup’ by saying it “is mostly a rehash of the dominant media perspective on evangelicals and politics, though it is noteworthy for Kirkpatrick’s style of …Read More

Ok, watching sports can be a lot of fun – particularly when the Patriots or Yankees are losing or the Steelers or Mets are winning. But here is someone who is thinking long and hard – too long and too …Read More