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I just had to see what it felt like to type those words – President Hillary Clinton.
It doesn’t seem possible that it is a possibility save for one thing – right now it is the most likely of all possible scenarios. And based on tonight’s debate performance it is hard to see that changing. Don’t take my word on it, take the word of conservative commentator John O’Sullivan over at National Review’s “The Corner.”

In Need of an Adult Beverage
What depresses me about tonight’s debate is not merely that Hillary Clinton is the strongest and most adult person on the stage—it’s also the possibility that the same thing might at least look true if she were parachuted into the GOP debate.

All obligatory statements aside – it is early, in politics anything can happen, Obama or Edwards may catch fire, frontrunners always stumble, etc. – the current crop of Democrats don’t seem capable of either taking her down or lifting people to a vision sufficiently compelling to bump her out of the way.
Barack Obama’s “politics of hope” seems to have become the “politics of smacking Hillary.” John Edwards is certainly trying to campaign based on a particular vision of helping the little guy. And he may be the most likely long-term foil to Sen. Clinton. But she is looking a whole lot like the New England Patriots right now – built to win.

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