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A new poll from Zogby provides interesting insights into our use of and feelings towards, the Internet.

The Zogby/463 Internet Attitudes poll found that 24% of Americans said the Internet could serve as a replacement for a significant other. Not surprisingly, the percentage was highest among singles, of which 31% said it could be a substitute. There was no difference among males and females but there was a split based on political ideology. Thirty-one percent of those who called themselves “progressives” were open-minded to the Internet serving as a surrogate significant other while only 18% of those who consider themselves “very conservative” would consider it a substitute.

But wait, there’s more.

Most Americans don’t think the Internet has had an effect on their spirituality. Ten percent said it made them closer to God, while 6% percent said it made them more distant. Those who call themselves “Born Again” were the most likely to feel it affected them spiritually. Twenty percent of Born Agains said it made them closer while 11% said it made them more distant from God.

And my favorite, of course:

Despite the hype surrounding the launch of the iPhone and the adoration that its biggest fans hold for the device, people still find other people more attractive. When asked who or what is sexier, the vast majority of Americans don’t think the Apple’s phone gets their blood flowing like Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson, or Patrick Dempsey does. In the face-off of good-looking stars versus smart-phone, Berry dropped the most jaws with 27 percent of the responses. Johansson got 17% and Dempsey 14 percent. The iPhone shared a spot with Derek Jeter at 6%. It hasn’t been a good year for the Yankees. (31% were too flummoxed to answer.) Johansson was the favorite of those age 18 to24 (30% ), but Berry was selected the most by every other age group.

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