Jesus Creed

John.jpgWe continue our series of commentaries on the New Testament: today we look at the Fourth Gospel.

I always look to RE Brown first; it’s getting old, but I’ve learned so much from him I start with his 2-volume commentary: The Gospel According to John (I-XII) (The Anchor Yale Bible Commentaries)

CK Barrett’s commentary is still a must-read: The Gospel According to St. John: An Introduction With Commentary and Notes on the Greek Text

Leon Morris, the first commentary I ever read on John, still rewards the pastor and student: The Gospel According to John (New International Commentary on the New Testament)

GR Beasley-Murray’s Word Biblical Commentary is solid and is now in a second edition: Word Biblical Commentary Vol. 36, John (revised).

C. Keener’s commentaries are fast becoming favorites for many of us: The Gospel of John: A Commentary – 2-Volume Set

DA Carson, a student of B. Lindars (another John scholar), built his commentary on John in interaction with the text and those who had gone before him (The Gospel According to John
) and his own student, A. Koestenberger, continued that work: John (Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament)

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