Jeremy Berg is a pastor in Burnsville MN and this post is one that has crossed my own mind a number of times.

Do you pick up hitchhikers?  Why or why not?  I passed one by again
today as I drove through town.  I have to confess my conscience is
disturbed every time this happens.  Why do we pass on by?  

Is it inconvenience?  Are we afraid they may be dangerous?  Are we just shy and want to avoid the social discomfort?


As I wrestle with my conscience I think of Jesus’ story of the Good
Samaritan every time.  Is this a fair application of this passage?  The
similarities are striking.  We find hitchhikers on by the roadside,
often economically “beat down” and “stripped” of financial means.  We
pass along their way and with a little time and generosity can provide
the assistance they need.  For me, a pastor, the comparison is even
more poignant (“By chance a priest came along…and passed him by”).  

So, is my guilt justified?  Does a Jesus-follower living by the
“Jesus Creed” have an obligation to pull over and offer assistance?
 What would Jesus do?  What do you think?

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