Summer time… what are these geese fighting about?

Steve Mook’s update on his time in Fiji. Thanks Mooker. Dan Kimball‘s thoughts on the Newsweek article. On resurrection weekend, Russell Moore reflects some on resurrection from the empty grave and the empty urn. Both finding and escaping the lure of liturgy. Tim Keel‘s sobering reminder. Tony posts a letter about someone who converts to Orthodoxy and then to Catholicism. Marko comments about his blogroll.

Speaking of blogs and blogrolls, we’ve now been blogging for four years.

Interested in American history and its intersection with theology: check John Fea‘s informative blog.

Chicago’s residents are taking matters into their own hands.

L.L. Barkat’s piece might be encouragement for the aspiring writer or artist.  John Frye, on the joy of pastoring. Ed Gilbreath reflects on the value and limits of being colorblind. Jim Martin gathers together his interviews with Lynn Anderson. Erika’s story about Mercy. Good thoughts from Eugene. Michael Kruse is the blog world’s best linker, and this is but one. Tamara Dull‘s poking fun with the Dutch.


Ancient Wisdom — Anglican Futures (check this out).

Some might need this realistic, if a bit angry at times, alarm about writing and publishing.

Our interview with Steve Brown.

1. The Newsweek article on the decline of Christian America, in my opinion, is good reporting and points to major issues: the decline of Christianity in New England and the need for Christians to put less stock in reclaiming America and more stock in preaching the gospel and forming churches that make a difference.
2. Alex McManus and the four ideas not covered in the Time article.
3. Very good piece about evolution’s implications for emotional morality.
4. Eric Reece’s journey into non-faith.
5. Fascinating study.
6. NAE on immigration reform.
7. Frozen embryo issues.
8. Rules of the internet.
9. Calling all (public school) teachers.
10. Speaking of education, did you see this collection of good stories about students?

Wow, UNC was mighty but not quite as mighty as UConn. Best part of the UNC game? It coincided with the start of the Cubs season.

Kingdom or evil empire?

NCAA Expands March Madness To Include 4,096 Teams

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