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Kris and I, along with Laura and Mark and Lukas and Annika, got to Ixtapa after a long delay at O’Hare, a smooth flight, and a long delay here at the airport with our bus (some passengers didn’t get their …Read More

At the top of my list is Allan Bevere’s wonderful post about Harold, who passed away recently, but who is missed. Hark the Harold! His post on the top ten stories is worth weighing in on. Next to Allan’s blog …Read More

Some years ago I was writing a letter to my good student-friend, Akiva Cohen. He had written to me and closed off with something in Hebrew, so I thought I’d sign off to him in Hebrew. I used the word …Read More

Last April, Bob Smietana, a fine editor for Covenant Companion and someone with exceptional instincts for what is going on in the American church, and I were having coffee at Tre Kronor (a local, Swedish restaurant) when he simply suggested …Read More

Kris and I, with the whole family in tow, will be in Mexico next week (Ixtapa), leaving Friday (tomorrow). I’ll be posting daily, but not sure when I’ll be able to put the posts up. I get up early, especially …Read More

The following is a review of Ingrid Rosa Kitzberger’s important book, Transformative Encounters, and was not published. It was written to be read at an SBL meeting, and then the session fell through and I was left with this review. …Read More

So, we are now ready to ask, What did Jesus think of women and How did Jesus treat women? I provide a series of questions for your consideration. A good place to begin here is with D.M. Scholer, “Women,” or …Read More

In the good ol’ USA, high schools and sports are combined. Which means, every high school has a “nickname.” Most recent debates about nicknames have bee about political correctness, especially with respect to Native Americans. (I’ll avoid that one for …Read More

I’ve gone on record at not being a big fan of envisioning the Christian life through the spiritual disciplines, though I’m all for them. I just don’t think the way to approach the Christian life is through a means but …Read More

What about “other” women? Those who were not the “norm”? Those who lived on the margins?