At the top of my list is Allan Bevere’s wonderful post about Harold, who passed away recently, but who is missed. Hark the Harold! His post on the top ten stories is worth weighing in on.
Next to Allan’s blog is the new blog by Tom Ward called PurplePastor. This should be some exciting reading. I like this quotation: “Being purple is not a political statement. It’s a pastoral one. It has more to do with the Sermon on the Mount than the State of the Union.”

I went to a fight, and a hockey game broke out!”
1. Christian Cryder has posted a .pdf of his paper on the emerging movement. Sensitive, generous, candid, and unafraid to dialogue. I like this piece.
2. One of my “blog friends” is Ted Gossard, and he now is posting at Community of Jesus. He’s done a few posts interacting with my Jesus Creed, so I’m keeping a close eye on his site these days. Ted belongs at the top here, too.
3. Jamie Arpin-Ricci — with a nice touch on the Christmas Sunday issue.
4. Barna’s eight trends in the Church in 2005.
5. Pray for Brad Bergfalk, or his wife and kids.
6. Guilt about spiritual disciplines has a nice reminder from Sara Atkinson.
What we all need to read and reflect on is Jim Martin’s nice piece. It’s that time of the year.
It’s also time to see a real debate live: Hurtado, Kloppenborg, and Segal.
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