Kris and I, along with Laura and Mark and Lukas and Annika, got to Ixtapa after a long delay at O’Hare, a smooth flight, and a long delay here at the airport with our bus (some passengers didn’t get their luggage, which we’ve experienced ourselves so we were all “moans” of a psychologist sort when we heard their story).
Well, who cares about delays? We’re on a vacation and plan to enjoy ourselves. Which I did today: I read a chp in Schmiechen’s book on atonement, and then read bundles of Thomas Sowell’s autobiography. The military chp was too long, but the rest has been great. I finish Sowell tomorrow, and then start Rebecca’s Revival, a wonderful tale of the faith of a woman. I’ll be up at the crack of dawn for some beach-morning prayers and then begin a long day of doing nothing! I”ll try to post some pictures.

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