Jennifer Cares

We’re coming off a Mother’s Day weekend, and I hope that all of you moms had a wonderful time with family and friends.  Being someone who no longer has a mom here on earth, I’m passionate about making sure the moms I know are taken care of on Mother’s Day (and every day for that matter)!

Every Monday, I like to start off with a thought that can help us create hope for the week ahead.  At church, our priest spoke about a mother’s connection to hope. Mom’s are helping do God’s work, he said, by helping to bring life into the world. And, with new life, comes new hope.

Let’s think of all the ways we can bring new life into our worlds this week…

  • Maybe it’s making a new friend.
  • Maybe we can rejeuvenate a relationship by apologizing, or reaching out in a way we haven’t lately. 
  • Maybe we can take the time to research something we’ve been interested in but have been putting off.
  • Maybe you could do some planting. Connecting with the earth and literally bringing new life—in the form of plants–into the world can bring very satisfying, hopeful feelings.

That’s one of the earliest memories I have of my mom and me together, actually…side by side on our knees… in the dirt… in the garden…smiling…laughing…and being very hopeful about how everything we were planting would grow to look and taste. 

I welcome your thoughts and comments on creating hope.