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A few months ago a woman contacted me asking if I would be willing to help with a charity event that would benefit caregivers.  “Of course!” I said.  Luanne O’Brien is a dance instructor who organizes a local version of Dancing with the Stars, called Dancing with the Celebrities of Pittsburgh.  I was looking forward to emceeing the evening.

The next email I received from Luanne introduced me to my dance partner, Ryan Mitchell, and informed me that I would be dancing the salsa.


Proving that caregivers are fearless, I pushed through the nerves and accepted the challenge. What an incredible blessing that surprise has been!

In the midst of busy days…a busy life…it may seem crazy to think about putting everything else on hold for a little while and just dance.  However, there a big benefits to losing yourself in movement.  Through learning this salsa routine, I’ve learned more about myself.  I’m more relaxed.  I’m more fun.  I’m in better shape.  I’m more confident. 

That’s what dancing does! Dance therapists (yes, there are such people!) point out that dancing, like exercise, releases a rush of endorphins—the feel good hormones—from your brain.  And, they say dancing is an incredible form of self-expression because the way we move relects our inner world.

To experience all of this yourself, get up and dance! It doesn’t have to be formal.  Just move. An hour of dancing burns about 250 calories! 

Also interesting: research shows that just watching someone else dance lights up the same parts of your brain as if you were doing it yoursef!

This Friday, I want to share a video clip with you of some freestyle salsa dancing my partner and I did on TV to promote the event.  See if this makes you smile…or even better…inspires you to get up and twirl around yourself for a sweet little escape!

>>Click here to watch

Keep in mind, this is just a little freestyle salsa and we’re not in costume.  If you like, I’ll post a clip to the actual performance after the 15th!  

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