Jennifer Cares

As the school year comes to an end, it’s a fun time to think about your own school days, and to find out more about how your loved ones experienced life at that time. Here are some caring questions that can help to make you smile and explore this topic this week:

1.  Did you ever get in trouble at school?  For what?

2.  What did you and your friends do at recess?

3.  What was your favorite school lunch?

Remember, the point of our Caring Question on Wednesdays is to help to get you and your family communicating with each other.  I understand that caregiving can throw up barriers to communication.  So many feelings and emotions are swirling around, it can be tough to find the words you need in the midst of confusion, fatigue, frustration, and fear.   

I’ve found that by working at communication…simply taking the time to focus on talking and listening…you will feel the bond between you and your loved one strengthen quickly, and those difficult conversations won’t seem as difficult.