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I’m looking forward to seeing Christian McBride & Inside Straight @ Dazzles this weekend!

We live a composed life guided by the eternal melody of the Word of God as we add our own voice. Jazz theologians honor and revere God’s word.  We spend our lives reading it, memorizing it and meditating upon its’ …Read More

We have time, rather than time having us.  We develop our ear so that we might listen to the needs of others, then live and love like Jesus. No moment is just a moment.  Every moment is pregnant with the …Read More

There’s a lot of debate about Arizona’s new immigration and enforcement bill.  Have you read it?  Here it is. My question is not what you think of the bill, but what process should a Christian go through to determine what …Read More

We walk with Christ, embracing creative tension, joining in the mystery of life in concert. God is the most creative being in the universe.  Yet, we so often find ourselves in a rut in our relationship with him.  When the …Read More

We are practicing Christians.  We have spent time in the woodshed learning the old standards.  Now we syncopate, improvise and respond to the call of a Love Supreme. Christians are called to live out our faith in community.  When Jesus …Read More

At the end of Jazz Theologian Live! experiences I hand out covenant cards.   They contain a summary of what it means to consider oneself a jazz theologian. I’ll unpack each one individually over the next few posts on jazz theology. …Read More

In my book, Finding the Groove:  Composing a Jazz-Shaped Faith, I sought to put on to the page what we see on the stage.  We do not need to be jazz musicians to practice a jazz-shaped faith.  Rather, there are basic …Read More

Jazz Theologian Live! Experiences Thousands of people have packed into ‘standing room only’ Jazz Theologian Live! experiences.  They are a beautiful marriage of the spoken word with jazz, soul, and gospel music in which seeker and seasoned Christian alike are …Read More

Car and Driver named the “10 Cars to Drive Before You Die.” I’ve driven two one of them (the Porsche & Honda S2000) what about you? (I’m not sure…that Porsche might have been in my dreams)