The Jazz Theologian

We have time, rather than time having
us.  We develop our ear so that we might listen to the needs of others, then live and love like Jesus.

No moment is just a moment.  Every moment is pregnant with the
possibility of the risen Lord revealing himself to us.  Each instant of life has the potential
of God using us in the life of someone else.  Sensing God’s presence and responding to his call often
depends upon our relationship to time: 
Do we have time or does time have us?  When we have time then the possibilities are endless.  When we don’t we forfeit so much of
what life is really about. 

Drummers have time.  As they sit in the back they are in a
position to listen to the needs of those around them and then respond either by
speeding time up or slowing it down. 
They bring life as they cause things to swing  This is the essence of servanthood.

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