The Jazz Theologian

We live a composed life guided by the eternal
melody of the Word of God as we add our
own voice.

Jazz theologians honor and revere
God’s word.  We spend our lives
reading it, memorizing it and meditating upon its’ meaning.  However, we are careful to not put
ourselves in a position of superiority over the scriptures.  We do this when we think that it is our
job to read them rather than let them read us. 

For so long scripture has been
treated like a science project in that we make observations and draw
conclusions.  This is necessary but
not sufficient.  What if God’s word
is also a song that sets us free to compose, a melody with room for us to join
in with the ancients?
  If it is,
then once we have learned its’ tune and spent copious time in the woodshed
practicing its’ intricacies then we are free–truly free–to harmonize with
those around us.  We can take the
risk of improvisation for we are free within the bonds and bounds of the song.

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