Recently I had the great privilege of speaking with Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin, a true American patriot. A member of Delta Force, Boykin is now retired from active duty and serves as executive vice president of the Family Research Council. I asked him about what he sees as challenges and also optimism about America in 2018.

Lt. General William Boykin
Lt. General William Boykin

The division in American society today is the worst that it’s ever been. Certainly in my lifetime. Not just racial, but it is gender, and division between men and women. Socio- economic, and the perpetuation of this one-percent myth, Easterners vs. Westerners and Southerners vs. Northerners. And I lived through the Civil Rights era. What has occurred and what bothers me is that we’ve totally ignored what’s happening in our country in the rapid rise of Marxism. One of the fundamental tenants of Marxism is to divide people and pit them against each other. Blame is on us for not paying attention.

I’m optimistic right now because I believe we have a president that truly loves America and a man that has made a lot of promises and is fulfilling those promises right now. The promises he made were in the concept of making America great again. We have a window of opportunity. I’m very optimistic about his leadership and fulfilling campaign pledges.

Today is a day to remember the fallen in our country, from sea to shining sea. The men and women who have defended our country with their lives deserve our eternal respect.

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