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"full moon in gemini" There are so many ways to approach Tarot card reading.

Last week I started an Instagram account and I’m posting super quick 15 second videos daily and at first I felt all this pressure, self-imposed pressure of needing to say something deep and something accurate about the card I drew. And then this morning I just started to… describe the card, but Aliza style.

I pulled the Queen of Pentacles from the Connolly deck which is so fitting because we’re studying the Court Cards in my current Tarot workshop, on-line. One card draws are tricky though. Is it advice? Is it caution? Description? The mood of the day? Something you need to know? If you don’t set a parameter ahead of time, it can feel chaotic.

So I made the video. And one of my cats, Cleo, walked in front of my iPhone. I posted it and then did a second take and noticed the gorgeous mountains and lush flowers in this card and the eggplant-purple Pentacle in her grasp. I didn’t to do anything but bear witness: blond hair, crown, the blue-yellow sky. A lot can happen in 15 seconds. Or nothing at all 🙂

More news: I’m back on YouTube after a longish hiatus and doing monthly Tarot forecasts there for each sign (among other topics, to be decided!).  I’ve got Aries through Scorpio posted now. Hopefully to continue today.

But about the Queen of Pentacles: yesterday in Tarot class we were talking about reversed meanings for this card and one of the favorites is Kitchen Witch! Or Kitchen Magic. This line of thinking comes from Mary K. Greer.

I love how reversed cards have all these layers. The reversal can show the opposite of the upright meaning, a negation. Or a more subtle turning away from the upright meaning. A “not as much” kind of quality. And then I read something supercool like kitchen magic and I think YES. The upright Queen of Pentacles is so THIS WORLD. Stable and solid, taking care of herself and everyone in her midst, health and nutrition and nature and money/resources and SANITY. Reversed she’s messy. She hasn’t taken care of the house or herself. Depressed perhaps.

OR the more dynamic and deep interpretation that encompasses MAGIC.

You don’t have to read reversed cards. I often don’t in my readings for others but I love to study the different meanings.

The Full Moon in Gemini is tomorrow. Gemini is always double, the Twins. So maybe you’ll get twice the news, twice the revelation, twice the VOICE. Listen for the echo.

Now if you don’t know how to read your chart and you want to learn or if you don’t know how to read the cards and you want to learn, you can always contact me. I’m putting my personal information at the bottom of this post. I’m not just a writer and teller of fortune, but also a solid teacher and I love working 1:1.

If you aren’t ready yet to study the Tarot formally with someone, a great practice is to draw a card a day and just research different meanings from books and on-line. It starts to sink in. Tarot is actually an organized tree, with wonderful wonderful branches 🙂

Wishing you good cards xx

Email me for information about my astrology/tarot readings and upcoming on-line classes. Moonpluto@gmail.

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