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"full moon in gemini"

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Gemini SPEAKS. Have you ever known a Gemini who did not speak? I mean, a lot. And they are clever. They find the right word. I’ve noticed this with Moon in Gemini too, not just Sun. Verbal precision.

I’m shuffling my cards here to draw a little Tarot spread for you —  for the upcoming Full Moon in Gemini (this weekend) and I’m thinking hmm are we going to see Swords? Swords are the element of AIR, thought, mind, the writers and communicators of the Tarot. Logical, analytical, objective. Strict but fair. Critical.

Full Moons can bring NEWS (will we see a Page, the messenger of the Tarot?), revelation, conclusion, discovery, and Gemini speaks so… a Full Moon in Gemini = the Last Word? The word you’ve been waiting for? Your final answer? Or another tall tale.

Full Moons are emotional! Full Moon in Gemini = emotional words, emotional speeches, books of passion, fervent blog posts, sentences of agony and ecstasy!

AND YET. There is always an “and yet.” And yet Gemini is ruled by Mercury, associated with the Tarot’s Magician card! The trickster, Mr. Sleight-of-Hand. Dare we trust the emotions? Are they mere theatrics? Will I pull the Magician from my deck? Or perhaps a bird or two. They also bring meaning and message.

Gemini is the TWINS. There will be more than one message. More than one word. MORE THAN ONE MEANING. Okay. This is what I’m thinking. The Full Moon in Gemini is going to bring you the rest of the story. The Full Moon in Gemini is going to bring you your twin, your tribe. Gemini is social life. Community.

Gemini tells stories and so does Sagittarius. We are in Sagittarius Season now. Full Moons are Moon/Sun oppositions. Full Moon in Gemini: we shall emotionally tell our stories to each other on this day and for at least three days following. We may tell the same story over and over but in different ways. We may invent new languages to tell these stories. We may find the right words. To talk about our pain. The Full Moon will make a hard aspect to Chiron (who I wrote about in this blog post here) making the words hard to say but worth saying.

Is there something you want to say? Tell the truth, says a Full Moon in Gemini.

And tell it however you want because it’s GEMINI so it’s going to be a verbal surge. Don’t even try to fence it in. We got riddles and we got rumors and we got stories and tea leaves and letters written in invisible ink and we got shhh whispers on the waves and bells ringing and code and scenario and statement!

TELL YOUR STORY! Because this story is… coming to a close. You have to tell it. Don’t let it go untold.

I drew the Ace of Wands reversed and then I decided I wanted all upright cards so I adjusted my deck and then shuffled and then cut them and got the 10 of Wands and I didn’t want to write about painful fire so I tried one more time and Seven of Wands okay — all this struggle in my deck, probably mine. A little doubt, a little tired, a little peel self off floor. Where did I read that there are no bad cards? Wish I could remember.

Pull your own card or cards for the Full Moon in Gemini. And if you don’t have a Tarot deck or don’t want one, at least spend some time in quiet contemplation this weekend.

Wishing you good cards xx

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