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"full moon in taurus" Astrologers, Tarot Readers, various and sundry star gazers, starfish, magicians, and young lovers, we get all excited about the MOON:  New Moons, Full Moons, waxing, waning, first quarter, last quarter, it’s all good 🙂 We end. We begin. We end. We being again. We plot. We predict. We hope.

What we have to look forward to:  the Full Moon in Taurus on November 6th.

According to Moon-lore, she is called Snow Moon.

Also, Dark Moon, Moon of Storms, and Moon When Deer Shed Antlers (according to DJ Conway in Moon Magick).  According to Conway, the Snow Moon is time for you to “strengthen communication with the god or goddess who seems closest to you.”  Hekate, Kali, and Bast (among other deities) are associated with this Moon, and I found this particular interesting because I am currently searching for… a special deity, guide, for me, for when I do my consultations/readings.

We (those of us who read) are often told that Spirit works through us, and I believe that, but it’s not always at the front of my mind. I just do my job. Walk the walk. But then I decided I wanted to make “it” more specific, to ask for guidance from someone in particular. And I’ve been thinking about it. Pondering. Trying on for size different names. Is it this one? That one? This one? Is it Mary? Is it Oya? Is it Sarah? Is it the Green Man? Is it Wolf or Bear? 

I haven’t found him or her yet. And I’m okay with that. So for the moment I ask for help from a guide whose name I do not know but I hope shall be revealed.

We need never worry about running out of energy. Of course we must rest and stop, on a daily basis. But as long as we do that, and include our needs, among other needs, we need never worry about running out of energy. It’s all around us. We can take from it.

I remember feeling frazzled and tired a couple weeks ago and I walked to the park with the single intention of drinking from the limitless earth energy with every step.

The Astrology of the Taurus Full Moon:

The Full Moon in Taurus will oppose the Sun and Venus in Scorpio.

This is the axis of stasis vs. metamorphosis, and yet both these signs are stubborn, willful. Stubborn about staying put (Taurus) vs. commitment to eliminating the toxin (Scorpio).

I remember telling a Taurus once to be careful what she chooses — in EVERYTHING. Because it will stick around a long long time.

I sense a tug of war in you between… the changes you want to make (or feel compelled to make) and your comfort zone. The comfort zone is pretty good actually — there is ice cream there and a comfy robe.

But Scorpio Season asks us to *not* get too comfortable and  instead wade into the deeper end, which includes scary change. Like going to a party alone!

Do you know how to do this? Do you want to? How to get from here to there? To go to the party alone? Knowing you won’t be alone for long…
The Full Moon in Taurus is WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. What you need to know in the midst of Scorpio Season, the Season of Death and Rebirth. And once you know this, once you grok this lesson, you can… stir your cauldron, get fed, put your boots on, and go.

Question: how will you/can you keep your totems and your security system intact but also become just a teeny tiny bit more flexible, more open, and thinking about the future? The past is dead. What you have right now, in front of you, is that what you want to keep? Let the Taurus Full Moon show you what is worth keeping. Then trash the rest. Feh.

All fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) please pay special attention to this Full Moon! All y’all are being jostled due to Sun and Moon squaring Jupiter in Leo. Squares cause tension but that’s not the point I want to make here. The point I want to make here is that this Full Moon matters MORE for you because your chart is being affected (those of you with Sun, Moon, Rising, or other personal planets in the fixed signs at mid-degrees). Do the Work to maximize moon magic available. What is the Work? Let’s pull a card! 

One card.

What you need to know about this Taurus Full Moon. What is culminating in your Taurus House but still requires negotiation and Scorpio cunning.

Three of Rods (Wands). I think you will hear news from afar (or possibly the Internet) but… have we not seen this card quite a bit recently? Or maybe it was the Two of Wands over and over showing his face.

The THREE is… the creation. What has been born. Synthesis. The child. It’s been done. It exists. One is alone. Two is companionship. Three is the result. It has been developed. You have developed but still… something edgy in this card. You’re waiting for response. I think you get it around the Full Moon. You get your Yes or No. And whether you like the answer or not depends on how the Full Moon aspects your chart in particular (and if this interests you, I do Readings for a living, so please do email me so I can help you).

Now I remember. That Two of Wands was about a choice. Stay safe or take a risk. With this card I believe the choice has been made.  “Committing all your resources to something,” writes Rachel Pollack.

Is this you? 

Wishing you good cards xx

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