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"new moon eclipse in scorpio" Eclipses are nothing to fear. It would be akin to fearing your life. The Eclipses ARE your life, reflecting your life back to you. The Moon as mirror.

I type this and realize: okay sometimes I DO fear my life. What was, what is, what will be.

All of it. I fear therefore I am.

But this upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse in the penetrating sign of Scorpio is nothing to fear. Instead, embrace its power. Keen insight. Self-protection. Strategy. Spiritual sexuality. Magic. Set an intention and then make a plan for yourself. I will head back to my dry-erase board for some brainstorming.

This Eclipse is infused with Goddess power. We see Sun, Moon, Venus, and asteroid Pallas Athena in alignment. Prepare a feast for this New Moon (October 23rd) and set a place for honored guests. You can choose special foods to represent Sun, Moon, Venus, Pallas and as you dine keep this in mind:

Sun:     you honor who you are, your purpose (even if mysterious to you)
Moon: you honor how you feel and what you need (even if others don’t approve)
Venus: you honor what you value and desire (you are unique)
Pallas: you honor your inner wisdom (and have the ability to turn dream into reality.)

You can draw a card for each, one for Sun, one for Moon, one for Venus, one for Pallas, and hmm how about one for your revealed intention (the one you state to the Universe) and one for you concealed intention (could be some confusion or self sabotage here). And then throw in one for:  this, absolutely THIS, you must pay attention to so that you can… live. Not just react, but live.  Not just slave away, but live. Not just hurt, but live. And by live I mean flourish. Bloom bloom bloom bloom bloom. Yes, October blooms.

I will draw just one card this morning. The Scorpio Secret to your New Moon:

The Knight of Cups! I like his pink and purple flowers and feelings. I like his helmet feather and goblet and golden armor. But I wonder to where he is gazing? Looks like at the cup itself. He is planning? He is brewing. He is surmising. He is sorcerizing. He is the Knight of Cups and he has feeling to offer you, sincerity to offer you, heart to offer you, a second chance to offer you. Or maybe it’s your third or fourth or fifth or trillionth. The Knight of Cups is on his way, the Knight of Cups is questing, the Knight of Cups loves a good purple mountain and brocade moment. He is psychic and sensitive and la la la.

Is this Knight you? 
Is this Knight in your life? Do you want him there? All flights of fancy and no practical Pentacles or truthy Air or hot passionate Wands?

So I drew one more and I am liking these cards. The Ace of Wands. Your fire is here. Finally. One may say that Knight’s water puts out the fire but I am feeling a progression of intent here. Start with feeling, start with the dream, and then pump blood right where you need it. Inject and invest your intent with life, the same life I was talking about above, blooming life. There is a flower at the tip top of the Wand.

These cards come bearing gifts. Will you accept? 

Wishing you good cards xx

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