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"venus in scorpio" Well, the biggest news is happening right now (although you, dear reader, may be reading this post after the fact).
Sun, New Moon, and Venus — all in sexy secretive Scorpio at zero degrees. And the Solar Eclipse of course.

I’m drawing a card for you right now and hmm the Ace of Pentacles.
Perfect for intention setting! The Aces begin. They are potential, possibility. You have a choice when you see an Ace.
The opportunity is here for the new start and the Pentacles mean… it will be real. It can be real.

Not pie in the sky rushing around Wands 🙂 or idea-man-Air. Or even deep feeling poetry writing Cups. The Pentacles may be a “slow” energy, earthy, but like Saturn (astrologically speaking), Pentacles portend something you can hold in your hands, something you can touch. A healthier body. More coins in your pocket.

We enter a lush delicious world when we enter this Ace, and that heavenly hand, emerging from a cloud, palm open, offering you… yellow, the color of saffron and lemons and sunflowers, the color of sunshine and caution. As I wrote above, Pentacles are slow energy. An oak doesn’t grow in a day! When we draw cards seeking timing, Pentacles let us know it will be later, not sooner.

In the Rider Waite version of the card, there is an entrance, a portal, and I wonder: what’s on the other side of that lattice? What if you walked through? Who would be there, waiting for you?  We see a little patch of yellow between the grass and I wonder what it is. Yellow stones? The Pentacle or sun’s reflection? A little bit of Dorothy yellow brick?

I want to believe it is Spirit smiling down at us, warm, loving, sharing his/her wealth. The wealth that is already in our hands.

You know, eclipses are portals too. I suggest using this card as an object of meditation tonight, tomorrow, whenever you see this post.

Think about where you are now and where you want to be. And then go through.

Wishing you good cards xx


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