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"full moon in aquarius" Every New Moon is about home. Every Full Moon is about home. The next Full Moon, in the sign of Aquarius, is this Sunday.

Tonight in meditation class, my teacher mentioned going house hunting in a town 5 hours away, even though he’s not ready to retire yet.

The conversation made me think about Saturn. Saturn begins transiting my Fourth House in December. The Fourth House, in the horoscope, represents home, among other things, and Saturn is the Teacher, the Test, and the Task.

I thought about my new apartment. Been here a bit more than two weeks now. It’s a mystery to me how long it’ll last.

What is the task? asks Saturn (wherever he is transiting your chart).

Then on Facebook I mentioned my longing for community, a large household, and to matriarch. Yes, matriarch as a verb. How to make that happen. After 20 years of renting. I’d never ever once, before this summer, thought of buying a house. It never occurred to me to own anything that big or permanent, although yes, I know, people sell, buy, and lose houses all the time. The house is also a body. Remember this.

And remember that every New Moon, every Full Moon, is about home. Leaving home. Going home. Looking for home. To build a home.

Tonight on the ferry ride home, it got so dark I couldn’t see the waves anymore. It was a midnight blue mass. I began to wonder if only Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) liked to ride at the front of the boat, like I do.

It took me a couple weeks until I found my place, there with the others. But Aquarius (where this Full Moon will be) is the alien, the outsider. The inventor. You, my darling, have no home except the one you have the power and desire to create. So create it you must. 

I want to pull a card now, which is my habit here, for those who are rolling this question over in their minds like a stunning marble — questions of home and homelessness and the heart:

What you need to know about home now: the Eight of Cups.

You’re moving on.

Love, Aliza

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