"new moon in virgo" Mercury enters the sign of Virgo on Friday.

What is Virgo? The helper, the fixer, the saver, do-gooder, healer, witch, the practical magician and the lover of detail. The meticulous housekeeper. She may not be a cleaning genie but ORDER is a must. Worrier. Servant. She only wants to help — as she critiques you to ribbons.

Our minds go super sharp while Mercury (symbolizing mind and communications) is in Virgo: analytical, slice and dice.

Why am I mentioning Virgo in a Tarot column?

One:  at this point in my life, I find it impossible to separate the two, astrology from tarot and tarot from astrology. Two systems of knowledge. Two systems of divination. Two systems to help you. Intertwined like vines. When I do readings for clients, I combine them.

Also, ANY planet entering Virgo means fall is around the corner! My favorite season.

Last night I went to a Tarot class. Even though I do Tarot for a living, I am always looking to expand and explore new perspectives. Beginner’s Mind. As we were introducing ourselves, a woman mentioned being in a rut.  A personal rut. When it was my turn to say hello, I echoed her sentiments but with one difference:

I feel in a TAROT RUT!

It’s my work. It’s my tool. I do my best to be supportive and intuitive but something is missing lately. For me. I felt this class could help. (This is also part of the reason why *my* next class will be a TAROT class.)

S0 last night, we divided into pairs and did 2-card readings for each other. First card: life purpose. Second card: what will help us achieve it.

And the first card I pulled for my partner? THE HERMIT. Virgo’s card.

 I wrote a little about the Hermit here but let me share this too:

The first word that came to mind when I pulled the card for that young man was “studious.” And this was before I turned the card over. We were instructed to hold it in our hands without looking. And then I heard the word “knowledge” in my head, three times! Knowledge knowledge knowledge! And I scribbled some other phrases in my notebook: bright mind. Cool.

Now, for many, the Hermit is not a glamorous card.  Too alone. Too bookish! Too busy to be the Hermit. But when you see the Hermit? I suggest a table for one.

I asked him: do you live alone? And I didn’t mean to get personal — but I was seeing him alone in the sense of no other humans living with him, but also surrounded by positive spirit energy. I didn’t know who and I didn’t inquire. Angels, guides, dearly departed. Alone but not lonely. That was the main thing. Alone but not lonely.

When you see the Hermit, it doesn’t mean you’ll be alone (but not lonely) forever, but that right now, the power running through your life is the wild fire of knowledge. Beloved mystical books. The light of thought.

And you may need to be alone, for a spell, to even hear yourself think. No shame in that, my friends. No shame at all. Problem is, some of you are so harried, and you may pull the Hermit and WANT the Hermit life (even for a day, an hour) and think: how can this possibly be? With kids and job and etc etc etc etc.

My answer is that you just have to take it. Even for five minutes. But each day. Create a schedule, islands in time that are all yours. Sacred time. Get up five minutes earlier. Spend five minutes alone on your lunch break. Don’t just fall asleep to the television at night, but try to connect before sleep.

Connect to what? To what you most deeply must know about your life at this time and why you’re here. And if that seems like too much pressure, then even a few minutes of inhale-exhale to sooth the blood and brain. Start where you are.

If you want to know more about my Tarot class forming at month’s end please feel free to contact me. Cost and length of class to be announced soon. My classes are on-line, discussion-based, friendly, fun, and convenient. Participate or lurk, it’s all good!

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