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"new moon in cancer" In one of the chat rooms this morning, a gal mentioned that she hadn’t see the Chariot in a long time. She draws cards for herself every morning, and she’s been sick for a couple weeks now. One of the first meanings I learned for this card was VICTORY. But I’ve also seen it for mundane matters, such as going on a trip. And general metaphysical: moving forward.

Important to note that the mastery implied in this card is by virtue of your own strength, confidence. It’s what you DO. It’s not luck. It’s not the Wheel of Fortune spinning. It’s you taking control. You are driving that chariot. You have left the castle walls behind. YOU GOT THIS. Keep going.

So I have a situation in my life and decided to draw three cards for insight. The first card I drew was the Four of Pentacles (by the way  I do plan to go through each and every card of the Tarot deck — and probably more than once!) and it struck me right away. I often see this Four as possessiveness, as MINE. And when I see it in a relationship spread, it’s often someone who is withholding. The energy not flowing. Or… someone blocking.

And then I was digging through one of my Tarot books and came upon this great phrase for the Four of Pentacles: taking ownership. This guy is steady, certain, not moving. The Chariot is steady, certain, on the move.

Even though these cards were not drawn together, not by me nor by the gal in the chat room, just having seen them on the same day (no coincidence of course) filled my head with luscious Tarot magic.

The least you need to know: when your world feels chaotic, look to the Four of Pentacles and the Chariot for strength. You can print out images of these cards or pull them from your deck. Look at the images. Feel the energy. Tarot isn’t just a game or tool or a bunch of odd interesting symbolic pictures. There’s guidance here.

No matter how you feel at any given moment, my friend, you’re in charge. Question is whether you believe it. I’d draw a card for that question, for sure 🙂


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