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"venus sextile jupiter" Everybody’s favorite card. The Lovers. Everybody loves love. Who doesn’t love to see the Lovers?

But open almost any Tarot guidebook and you’ll see that the Lovers often represents a choice and is the card associated with the sign Gemini, the Twins.

I’ve got a Gemini friend or two. One of my Gemini friends told a 20 year lie. To me, to everyone in her life. Now I’m not saying that all Gemini lie. And I’m not saying that all Gemini could tell a 20 year lie. But this one did.

When you see the Lovers you may wonder what the lie is or who is being deceived. Notice the serpent snaking up the tree next to the woman in the Rider Waite version of the card. She looks up at the angel whereas the man looks… at her? Off in the distance? The angel blesses them with his big red wings. And is that a sand dune in the background? The couple is naked, open, without shame.

The Lovers is number six in the Major Arcana. We have left the uncertainty of the five and entered the six, harmony and sharing.

I know I know I’m giving this card a 75% cynical reading here, but truth is I see it for relationship potential, for relationships going well, for love, for true love, for marriage, for healthy business partnership. The Lovers doesn’t mean a lie.

But when you see the Lovers consider what needs to be integrated, either within you or within your partnership. Are you two halves of a whole or are you whole? And then listen to your intuition. Are these Lovers true? Yes or no.

We are very much under the influence of Mercury Retrograde as I type this. Mercury backs into the sign of Gemini today so you may find yourself receiving long lost letters, messages from previous employers who want you back, blasts from the past…

Or maybe you can’t stop thinking about the past no matter how hard you try. Brooding a mile a minute. Gemini, in astrology, “rules” thought, your thought processes, your mind, your gifts for rationalization or poetry. In my own birth chart, I have a poetic Mercury mind. What do you know about your own Mercury? 

When I was looking to see what card I needed to blog about next, I was happy to see the Lovers. Not only because the Gemini piece matches our current Sun in Gemini and Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, but also because of another astrological aspect happening this week — a harmonious meeting of Venus and Jupiter, our two feel-good planets. When these two are happy? All of us are. Venus + Jupiter = The Lovers!

I predict today and tomorrow and even the rest of this week you get an extra dosage of heavenly help, guidance, comfort.

Dear Readers, are you feeling the love? 


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