"mars opposition uranus" When Mercury is retrograde, we are told what to do in terms of what NOT to do. Don’t buy a new computer. Don’t sign a contract. Your flight gets delayed. You wander the lonely airport halls in your bereft heels. Emails get sent to the wrong recipients. Why oh why did you send your hunky co-worker that love letter. You meant to save it in draft only.

We make more mistakes than usual. We make misunderstanding.

One of the trickiest parts of THIS Mercury retrograde period is that it happens in the sign of Gemini! See, Mercury “rules” Gemini thus we just can’t seem to make ourselves understood these days and it, well, it hurts.

In other words, please do not expect any straight talk until Mercury goes direct again on July 1st.

Mercury retrograde time is also the time of the RE.

Review. Renew. Reassess. Resume. Repeat. Reaffirm. Reiterate. Redo.  People or projects from the past come back. Come back to life.

Honestly, I don’t think you need to worry but yes it will be helpful if you adjust your assumptions of what can and cannot be said, heard, and understood at this time. 

ARE YOU HEARING ME? You could whisper, you could scream, you could say it in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY and still… you may not get through.

But that’s okay. It’s temporary.

I’m going to draw two cards for you now. Two cards of advice for Mercury retrograde in Gemini:


At first we see Justice, a Major Arcana card. And then the Nine of Cups!

These are two cards divergent in tone to say the least.

Justice is about, well, Justice. Justice is served. Getting what you deserve. As you can see, Justice is not blindfolded, and her scale is perfectly level. It’s not about winners and losers here. It’s about righting the wrongs. I think this is fascinating actually because this card is about clear thinking, clear seeing, and we’re talking about Mercury retrograde.

NOW IS THE TIME, my friends, now is the time for Justice to be done. And once Justice is done? You’ll have your Nine of Cups, your wish come true, your celebration, a little drinkie on the house.

The thing that’s got me puzzled though is this question: why NOW? Why Justice now? You’ve been wanting it for so long and it’s eluded you. What has changed?

We see the Knight of Cups (yes, sometimes I can’t stop at two cards). The FEELING has changed, says this Knight. One might even say he’s trying to bribe the judge, offering her a fist of flowers 😉

In either case, here’s the wisdom: through Mercury retrograde you actually can see MORE clearly than before. I know that may sound counter intuitive to some, but the very scrambling of the messages becomes a kind of… wiping off of the glass.

Extra credit: notice the Knight’s red and white flowers are the same as the ones in the Justice card. You may need to click on the picture for the full effect.


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