"wheel of fortune tarot card meaning" Welcome to my Tarotscope Weekly Forecast! 

I do not cast my predictions based on astrology or Sun Signs. What I do is decide which area of life I want to focus on — the topic for this week is YOUR LIFE’S PASSION— and then I draw a card for you.

for those who do not know what their PASSION is
for those who do know, but feel derailed by life’s daily demands
for those who feel newly energized and positive about the future 
and one card for those in transition. The passionate person at a crossroads…

Do you see yourself in the above descriptions?

I pulled four cards, one for each of the categories above. I like the number four; it’s stable like a table. I am going to go through them one-by-one but it’s interesting to me to also read them as a group.

We see Cups, Wands, Pentacles, and one Major Arcana card, the Wheel of Fortune. We see one TWO card. And two THREE cards i.e. Three of Cups, Three of Pentacles, Two of Wands. The Wheel is numbered Ten. Tens often signify fulfillment, conclusion.

What do these cards tell us? We are in the early days. For the folks who have found this blog post, I believe  you are working with newer dreams, newer ambitions, newer passions, perhaps experiencing first fruits from them, although there is more to do. Or maybe you are admitting it to yourself for the first time — admitting what you want and how your current life does or doesn’t support that.

We can even think of the Wheel here as a sort of completion card, and yet the completion actually embodies not finish lines, but ups and downs, up the Wheel, down the Wheel, round and round. That as soon as we think we’re done, we see that we’re not. In other words, LIFE.

And oh yes I like the absence of Swords here. I read this as the absence of painful struggle in your energy at this time.

For those who do not know what their passion is, the Three of Cups suggests that you celebrate where you are now, who you are now. Also, this passion may be right before your eyes.

For those who feel derailed, the Wheel of Fortune is your guide. The time will come again when you can focus on your dreams, but I feel your frustration because the Wheel shows what we cannot control. We’re at the mercy of the Wheel. I want to draw another card for you — because the Major Arcana is giving us a phase which feels long term to me. I want a shorter term solution for you. Who do we see? The Knight of Wands! Our passionate Knight! Knights are fire, burning brightly. I just got an image in my mind of you on that horse riding around the Wheel and then OUT of the Wheel, out of samsara.

For those who are feeling good, you are the Two of Wands. You have a choice to make. Wait a minute. Do you? That’s standard Tarot fare for this card. The version of the card I’m looking at depicts a man with a small globe in his hand. He’s a man with a plan! He’s holding one of the Wands. Two birds carry the other wand to him. I don’t think you have to choose. Not this week anyway. Soon you will have the option though. And it may be both/and NOT either/or.

For those at passionate crossroads we see the Three of Pentacles. This card vexes me a bit in this position because this card has a settled quality to it. The last brushstroke. Satisfaction. From the topsy turvy Two of Pentacles to… result, creation. So what I’m thinking is… whatever you believe you left behind, it will resurface. Your crossroads will lead you back home.

Dear Readers, what are you passionate about? 

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