God protected these little girls.

Twin 4-year-old girls were able to wriggle out of their car seats, climb out of a broken rear window and go get help following a deadly car crash that pushed their family’s vehicle down an embankment, according to authorities.

The little girls turned to their father who was in the driver’s seat after they slid off a rural two-lane road in Clinton, Washington. The area was pitch black. When they called out to him and he didn’t respond, they knew they were in trouble.

It isn’t clear whether they knew that their father had been fatally injured.

At the time of the crash, it was around 40 degrees and it had recently rained. The area was also dark and not a well-traveled road which made it difficult for drivers to see. It also didn’t help that the brush was thick. Astonishingly, the girls found the road instead of getting lost in the woods.

“This is miraculous,” Washington State Patrol trooper Heather Axtman told BuzzFeed News, calling the girls’ actions “brave and heroic.”

“They were just saying ‘my daddy, my daddy’ and knew something tragic had happened,” the patrol trooper said.

The girls’ actions to get back to the road allowed them to be seen by a passing driver and get to safety.

“It’s the woods, and it’s scary for little kids, and they overcame that fear,” she said. “I mean, the bravery that they showed is what I can’t get over.”

Not long after the girls reached the side of the road, a woman spotted them and checked on them.

“Literally at the right place at the right time,” Axtman said. “Had that Good Samaritan not stopped, who knows when the next car would have come by.”

The Good Samaritan kept the girls warm in her car until the state trooper arrived on the scene, she said.

Once the trooper arrive, they were taken to a nearby hospital where they were treated for minor injuries. Thankfully, they were released to their mother the same day.

This is the power of God!


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