There is no other place in the world where you can see views like this!

Photographer Svetlana Kazina caught a rare natural phenomenon on camera – these iridescent clouds are blowing people away.

Svetlana, who lives in the Altai Mountains, captured these spectacular pictures of the glowing sky over Belukha mountain, Siberia’s highest peak at 4,506 meters.

The Altai Mountains in southern Siberia is one of Russia’s most stunning, majestic settings. Many travelers are fond of its views and heaven like scenery.

The thin clouds are vibrant in color and some believe they resemble soap bubbles.


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“The clouds in my photos are so thin that they look more like lace,” Svetlana said.

The colorful optical phenomenon occurs in a cloud and appears in the general proximity of the Sun or Moon.

They are caused by the presence of very tiny ice crystals or water droplets in the air, which cause light to be diffracted.

It is rare to catch this phenomenon on camera but this photographer was fortunate enough to! Svetlana ‘simages beautifully show us the majesty of God.


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