Do you remember your first school dance? You wanted it to be perfect from start to finish, complete with a perfect hair-do and a dress fit for a princess. While this is the dream, for some girls it’s not always a reality. Many parents struggle to afford the extra luxuries.

Nevaeha Smith was one of those girls, and understood when her father said he wasn’t sure he would be able to afford the $200 dress she wanted for her 8th grade dance. Her father, Ricky, didn’t want to give up on the dream though. Instead, he worked three jobs and extended his schedule to seven days a week in order to save up money for the dress.

In a now-viral video, Smith’s mother captured the heart-warming moment where Ricky presents the dress to his 14-year-old-daughter, who is moved to tears. Nevaeha told ABC she’s “really happy that’s he’s my father.”

Ricky said all his extra work was worth it. “To see the look on her face it was priceless,” he said. “All I can really do was smile.”

Watch the beautiful exchange below.

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