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A newlywed couple was driving to deal with some tough family issues when they spotted a heavenly cloud in the sky.

Now being called the “Texas angel”, the couple captured the image of the creature on Highway 105 in Montgomery, Texas. Danny Ferraro, who posted the photo on Facebook where it gained viral success, was travelling with his new wife, Carmen Ferraro.

They were feeling stressed out and “dreading” the trip they were taking when they saw the angel. It changed their perspective on the situation.

“As soon as I saw it, I knew,” he said. “We saw the cloud and the brilliant rays. I told my wife that it must mean that everything will be OK.”

Even more incredible, the angel appeared to the couple on the one-month anniversary of their wedding.

“This was the sunset as we were driving down Hwy 105,” Danny wrote in the Facebook caption. “How awesome is that?”

Danny said he doesn’t regularly attend church, but is a believer. The image isn’t just bringing comfort to him, though. Being shared over 18,000 times, the image has really resonated with the community.

“I’m glad that everyone has enjoyed the photo,” Ferraro wrote in a follow-up comment. “I never thought it would get so many likes and responses, and that it would bring comfort to some as well.”

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