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Recently it dawned on me that I’ve been complaining a lot. Work woes, weight-gain blues, vague “what-am-I-doing-with-my-life” worries… And generally my life is pretty groovy, so it’s like my brain is hunting for things to be perturbed about. I know you have days like this too — or weeks. Nothing seems right.

What do you think about a day of no complaining?

It’s harder than it sounds. That’s a full 24 hours of not once speaking ill about anyone or anything, no matter how much it’s bugging you. It’s an exercise in being mindful about what you’re projecting.

Now, I believe in venting. I do. Sometimes just gotta let it out. But when you find yourself constantly talking about the same old things that irritate you and make your life difficult, your words have a strange way of bringing you further down.

Give it a try and tell me about your results. From the moment you read this blog, vow to not to complain for the next 24 hours. See how differently you feel, not only on the inside, but about all your outside problems too.

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