Inspiration Report

I wrote about a vow to stop complaining last week and it’s interesting how much it’s made me mindful of my speech. I found myself projecting negativity when I really didn’t need to and definitely didn’t want to. Yuck! I’m working on it.

After a day or so of watching my mouth, I learned that, if you’re used to complaining, you need to find something else to fill that space. Silence won’t do. That just causes a traffic jam of complaints to get logged in your head. The best thing to do is the exact opposite of negative talk — praise.

I don’t mean in a Holy Ghost kind of way, although you can do that too if you want. I mean, speak well of things. If it’s beautiful weather, say it is. If your spouse does something to help you, tell them how much you appreciate that. If you can find even a glimmer of good in your day, magnify it.

I’m not suggesting that you walk around with a plastic smile sugar-coating everything. Positivity only works when it’s authentic. This is a shift in perspective and focus. Turn your attention to the things that are going well. Notice chivalry, kindness, compassion, strength and joy in others. When you open your eyes to the things that bring happiness, you will begin to see them everywhere and they deserve your acknowledgement.

So replace your grumbling with gratitude. Despite how dark it may feel, speak to the light and watch your world get brighter and brighter.

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