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As I type, all I can hear is the continuous shriek of drilling. My new home is being restructured. Since I stepped foot here a month ago, I’ve been ankle deep in debris and over my head in noise.

Construction. Yes, I know we’re building something, but at times I wonder, does it have to be like this? It’s loud. It’s disruptive. And sometimes it’s more than I can take.

Of course, it’s not just physical buildings that go through construction, but our lives do as well. A relationship begins and you adjust from singlehood to marriage. You move the family to a new town and you help everyone get used to new jobs and new schools. There are growing pains, no doubt.

Construction, whether figurative or literal, disturbs the peace of our routines, but it signals something more. It means development and progress. It means something new is about to happen.

Everything that is present, at some point, had to be created. It went under construction. Growing is part of living, and truthfully anything that’s not growing is essentially dying. Thus, construction is a good thing. Despite its inconvenience to our lives, it’s a necessary part of prosperity.

So, every time the sound of hammering gets under my skin, I look over at the construction area and visualize what’s being build. I see new walls and new spaces. I see the future, and it turns what I once considered noise into the sweet sound of moving forward.

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